Aquatic Teaching For Baby & Pre-school And People with Disabilities Workshop with Taiwan Swimming Teachers Association

In line with our IFSTA objectives, from 30th April until 2nd May 2017 our STAM President Foong Inn better know as Yin and Vice President Noraini better know as Aini conducted aquatic teaching for Baby & Pre-school and an Aquatic Teaching for People with Disability workshop at Taiwan STA’s Headquarters and Chung Shin Hospital.

The heated indoor pool was well-equipped with facilities such as auto-descending chair, parallel handrail bars, wheelchair access and a DIY sinking bench. The special disability students were aged 1+ to 60 years old and included those with cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, deaf & dumb, immobilized from waist down and autism.

Participants of the Baby & Preschool pool practical sessions were aged 6 to 40 months old. Yin and Aini sang nursery rhymes and songs in English , while the parents sang in Mandarin. It was a fun and educational experience for all.

This international workshop with sharing of experiences and cultures among two countries was a successful event. Both parties felt an affinity towards one another and were comfortable with the shared Oriental approach to aquatic teaching. It is hoped that more collaboration and sharing like this will happen in the near future.

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