It was a very successful and eye-opening conference organised by International Life Saving and the Life Saving Society of Malaysia (LSSM) together with other international NGOs.

Among the papers presented include Dato Dr. Amar Singh’s research on Prevention of Childhood Downing in Malaysia; World Health Organisation’s actions to prevent drowning; teaching school-age children basic swimming, water safety and safe rescue skills.

Among the information gleaned from the conference were experiences of volunteer aquatic academies and life-saving societies of UK, Australia, Spain, Italy and other countries including water safety education and data collection for drowning cases, water safety and water rescues.

Other shared experiences include implementing water safety and survival skill to young women teachers in Sri Lanka, CPR and water safety lessons in Sudan which is governed by stringent regulations, teaching local teachers how to conduct water safety and personal survival skills to young children in Bangladesh and Thailand’s creative affordable DIY of water safety equipment.

Participants had amazing sharing of aquatic education and water safety knowledge which is in line with STAM’s mission and objective.

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